1 DESO = $11.35


🏄 Clouting since 2021-08-02


✨ Total earned $+26.2K with rate of $+2.6K monthly

+4.6K USD#45

+401.5536 DESO

🚀 Founder reward
received?DESO you get when someone buys your coin. Founder reward was paid in creator coins before. We convert it to DESO based on moment it was received in the past.

31.25 USD#840

+2.7533 DESO

💎 Received value
in diamonds?Diamonds received in creator coins are converted to DESO in the moment of receiving

+21.6K USD#4

+1.9K DESO

🔮 Earned on NFT?All revenue received by its owner from selling NFT and reselling by buyers

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